2017-10-09 06:26:42 by mrblack1986

i just made my first gif i like it it dosent look good but i like it 3030255_150754473863_ates2.gif











hey what good ppl

2017-02-12 02:21:28 by mrblack1986

hey whats up everybody how you doing earth i'm do some new stuff everyday and trying to get the most of what im do doing to get better cuz i drop the ball and gotta get back on track so, first i'm patron www.patreon.com/mrblack1986 im going to try to get this up and running so i can get more done ,next i'm working making a comic so im go to get a book one stroy together and all the art work and setting whit that its go to take awhile. also im going to make my own website as well and im going to try to make it the main place for all my art work 

also , im going to try to do one of these once a month ,thanks guys  

hey guys whats up

2016-11-23 22:58:58 by mrblack1986

so he whats up im working on some stuff , but first thing first , sup im mrblack1986 .
so what i do ? well i darw a lot of dirty stuff some clean stuff and any thing i can think of so yeah and i think 
its time i started keeping journals and stuff like that so people will at least know what i'am doing

so if you ever come to my pgae or what not i do take request and stuff just let me know what you want and ill do it (im only doing three at a time ).

art a gogo baby

2010-03-10 19:24:27 by mrblack1986

hey i just posted some art up and there will be more soon