hey guys whats up

2016-11-23 22:58:58 by mrblack1986

so he whats up im working on some stuff , but first thing first , sup im mrblack1986 .
so what i do ? well i darw a lot of dirty stuff some clean stuff and any thing i can think of so yeah and i think 
its time i started keeping journals and stuff like that so people will at least know what i'am doing

so if you ever come to my pgae or what not i do take request and stuff just let me know what you want and ill do it (im only doing three at a time ).


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2016-11-23 23:17:48

Ahoy minyoy


2016-12-11 05:54:34

What's up mrblack1986! Long time since your last post, cool to see you're still around.

mrblack1986 responds:

yeah dude just try to get scouted man